Friday, July 07, 2006

Am preparing the manuscript for my 2007, THE LIGHT SANG AS IT LEFT YOUR EYES (Marsh Hawk Press). Here's a list poem I just wrote for it, where each line is comprised of the title of book written by Ferdinand Marcos. I've often been fascinated by how the stringing together of book titles can create poems. In this case, I consider the narrative from these lines/titles a mirror to the sad, latter 20th century history of the Philippines:

Towards The New Filipino Society

A Budget for National Self-Reliance

Achievement: The Incontestible Factor

An Introduction to the Politics of Transition

An Ideology for Filipinos

Ang Demokratikong Rebolusyon sa Pilipinas (The Democratic Revolution in the Philippines)

Challenge and Response

Demokrasya: Rebolusyon ng Ating Panahon (Today's Revolution: Democracy)

Essays on Aspects of Philippine Development Toward the New Society

Five Years of the New Society

In Search of Alternatives: The Third World in an Age of Crisis

Isang Ideolohiya Para sa Pilipino (One Ideology for Filipino)

Limang Taon ng Bagong Lipunan (Five Years of the New Society)

Marcos' Notes for the Cancun Summit

Nakatipontiponan Dagiti Dandaniw, Dallot, Sarindaniw, Salaysay, Sarita, Drama, Kankanta, Babaniw

National Discipline: The Key to Our Future

New Filipinism: The Turning Point

Notes on the New Society of the Philippines

Notes on the New Society of the Philippines II: The Rebellion of the Poor

Progress and Martial Law

Report to the Nation

Strength Through Crisis, Growth in Freedom

Tadhana: The History of the Filipino People (Destiny: The History of the Filipino People)

The Democratic Revolution in the Philippines

The Epic of Nation-Building

The Four-Year Development Plan of the Philippines

The New Philippine Republic: A Third World Approach to Democracy

The Philippines' Stake in Vietnam

The Third World Challenge

The United Nations: 40 Years After

Today's Revolution: Democracy

Toward a New Partnership: The Filipino Ideology

Towards a Filipino Ideology

Towards the New Society

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