Thursday, November 24, 2005

I'm always looking for new ways to create poems. My latest approach can be seen at my new blog Evocations & Resolutions. The idea is actually my husband's, to wit: to write about how a detail from real life evokes a memory that never goes away and then, most significantly, reconcile something about/with that memory -- presumably, the memory lingers for a reason. As you can see from the first entry, memory lingers because what cannot be forgotten is hurtful and shameful.

I later honed that approach for a third step: to write a new poem from the experienced evocation and resolution. Here it is below -- what's interesting about the resulting poem is how it transcends the specifics of its source; you can test this affect by, first, reading the poem on its own here....and then going over to the Evocations & Resolutions blog to see what caused me to write it...and it is not just an incident that you need not know to engage with this poem but an incident that you would not expect (because there's no specific reference to it within the poem). As I've always believed, the Poem often transcends the poet's autobiography.

(a hay(na)ku)

forget your
name leaves me

to defend
against love's death

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