Friday, September 09, 2005
CIRCA 2005

While I was driving around for errands this afternoon, I wrote a poem in my head. I don't necessarily transcribe them or write them down when I get to a place where I can pause to write down the words swimming in my brain. I've learned not to get all precious over every single poem that may bat its lashes at me as I figger if it's really good it'll return when I'm in a position to write it...

But when I got home, I was catching up on blogs and Jonathan Mayhew mentioned me as one of the poets he'd like to see submit to his new journal The Duplications. So I wrote down the poem flirting with me this afternoon, then emailed it to Jonathan. That's about the quickest ever for me in terms of writing a poem then seeing it published. And, yes, I do consider The Duplications as legitimate a journal as any out there -- so what if it's housed via the freebie Blogger? Jonathan (who's a poet, translator and teacher) has earned his spurs for being an editor -- just read his blog.

Anyhoo, here's the poem -- self-explanatory, mayhap, given the times:

CIRCA 2005

I am beginning
to suspect

an open door
is overrated.

Yes, it obviates the paradox
of a wall

necessary to allow
for an entry.

But why dismiss the barricade?

Mosquitos are hovering.

the results of bad parenting

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