Monday, April 18, 2005


Over the small
cup of soy latte
I read Ishle's
"uma haiku" --

               My mother circles
         want ads in the kitchen. Smiles.
               Like that, she breaks me.

Haiku need
not be 5, 7, 5

I think instead,

not wanting
to break

in this cafe
that greets all visitors
with bowls of Madeleines.


I started a new blog, THE CHATELAINE SHOPS, which lists my real-life record of whatever I buy. It looks like some of those lists are likely to inspire shopping list-based poems, of which "MADELEINES" is the first. 'Twas inspired by my shopping list of today, which included Ishle Yi Park's fabulous first poetry collection, THE TEMPERATURE OF THIS WATER (Kaya Press, 2004).

I met Ishle long before the poetry world got to know this current Queens, N.Y. Poet Laureate. I'm so pleased to see how wonderfully she's developed as a poet.

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