Friday, March 25, 2005

List Poem (#2)

After the Egyptians determined the shape of the world is a circle:
Black lightning.

Beyond life sentences:
Ecstatic mutations.

My romance?
Reproductions of the empty flagpole.

Menage a trois with the 21st century:
"I take thee, English, for my beloved."

The estrus gaze(s).


This is only the 2nd "list poem" I've ever written. Its underlying inspiration is a Vizpo (visual poetry) poem sculpture by Nick Carbo. Nick and I are sending poem-sculptures back and forth, and he had sent a vizpo comprised of images and texts on transparencies linked together by metal binders. It's a format to which I thought to respond by (just as Nick had linked together transparencies) linking together the covers of my previous poetry collections -- each line in the poem is a title of a previous poetry book.

Marvelous synchronicity that when I string together the titles, it works -- in my opinion -- as an "abstract poem" because of (I feel) the underlying music. Can you hear/sense that music?

My first list poem -- entitled "Untitled (Bookstore), 2000" is featured in my 2005 book, I TAKE THEE, ENGLISH, FOR MY BELOVED. It was first published in Moria Poetry, and can be seen here at this link. As the title implies, each line also consists of a book title which I notated from scanning a bookstore's shelves. Again, I thought the way the lines/titles collaged together became rhythmical/musical. All this IMHO.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My poem?
Your call.


Mayhap above is better version than its earlier draft in prior post...

Friday, March 18, 2005

My poem?
Up to you!


Note on Current Process:
Nowadays, my poems seem to come in spurts. I'm okay with that. I now prefer them to incubate inside rather than incubate on paper (poor trees!) with me editing and re-editing and revising and blah blah....If the poem really needs to surface, it will. I just need to have Faith in that process. This couplet surfaced in the rain, while I was dashing late for a dentist appointment -- which is to say I was distracted with other matters but the poem forced its way up.
Like a purple violet cracking the sidewalk to herald Spring. As cheeky and cheerful ... and loving ... as that.

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